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Hint Quotes capture the voice and need. More

A quote is a statement that helps bring this person and their needs to life. Listen to the folks you interview try to get their problems in their words. How would this person describe what they need or what is frustrating them? How would they say it?


Hint Goals what a group of people need to accomplish. More

Add top 3-5 goals for this person. Keep them simple and to the point.


Hint Common traits or skillsets found in this group. More


Hint Define all channels that this group can interact with your product or brand.More


Hint Where online does this persona live?More

Pain points

Hint Pain points identify the obstacles that keep this persona from accomplishing their goals. More

What is this person's key pain points. They don't necessarily have to tie to the goals but often are obstacles that keep people from their goals.


Hint Define the top things you can tackle first to help this persona.More

Top 3 items we should focus on solving first.

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About People. The Persona Creator tool

Personas are one of the simplest but most powerful tools UXers have at our disposal. They are easy to create and help to envision who the experience you are creating ultimately serves.

It's very easy to disconnect ourselves from the people who ultimately interact with what we produce. Between timelines, budget, design, and coding losing sight of the people who we are ultimately solving for is natural. Personas is a quick way to picture the person. Their thoughts, pains, frustration so we can always empathize even when life gets in our way.

How to use this tool

Use this persona creator to quickly jot down and ideas, thoughts and display your research in an easy to understand, digestible deliverabl. Simply click on the text and add your own copy. To change persona images, click on the persona toolbar to the right.

About Personas

Persona meaning

Persona are fictional characters based on research or observation. They are meant to represent a group of people who will ultimately interact with your experience or product. Personas help provide a foundation for decisions based on the people who will ultimately interact with the product. It helps working teams like designers, developers, and business stakeholders base decisions on what's best for the intended audience instead of persona preference.